Tokiso’s webinars are typically thirty minutes long, and draw on our practical insights from thousands of processes. Participants may ask questions and interact on the topic.

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Our latest webinars

The New Code: Practical steps to manage harassment complaints 12 May 2022
The new code’s impact on the combat of sexual harassment in the workplace 13 April 2022
Workplace Grievances and Complaints Webinar. 30 November 2021
Disrupting the trends of discrimination as part of company culture. 14 September 2021
Bullying in the Workplace 30 March 2022
COVID-19 Vaccines and testing Choice and rights
with Nerine Kahn and Joy Becket  16 August 2021 (Audio only)
Personal info in private and statutory processes 1 September 2021
Case Law Webinar 03  June 2021

Past webinars

Current challenges in resolving LRA workplace disputes  19 May 2021
ADR clauses in contracts and the common pitfalls  14  April 2021
Workplace Poor performance 04 February 2021
Accountability in the workplace 13 August 2020
S188A: Inquiry by Arbitrator – Your questions answered – 09 July 2020
Workplace Incompatibility 11 March 2021
Whistle-blowing: TRUTH OR DARE 02 October 2020
Distinguishing the legal tests for sexual harassment and racism 23 July 2020
The dreaded “R-word”: Q&A on retrenchment and challenges to comply during COVID-19. 18 June 2020