Tokiso’s webinars are thirty minutes long and draw on Tokiso’s practical insights from thousands of processes. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and interact on the topic.

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Managing COVID-19 conflicts in the workplace: 17 March 2020
COVID-19 answering your questions 26 March 2020
S188A: Inquiry by Arbitrator – Your questions answered – 09 July 2020
Accountability in the workplace 13 August 2020
Workplace Poor performance 04 February 2021
ADR clauses in contracts and the common pitfalls  14  April 2021
Corona-19: Disciplinary hearings and s118A Inquiry by Arbitrator process options: 20 March 2020
The dreaded “R-word”: Q&A on retrenchment and challenges to comply during COVID-19. 18 June 2020
Distinguishing the legal tests for sexual harassment and racism 23 July 2020
Whistle-blowing: TRUTH OR DARE 02 October 2020
Workplace Incompatibility 11 March 2021